Is Your Current HOA Management Company Right for Your Community?

Is Your Current HOA Management Company Right for Your Community?

Problems with HOA management companies can come with a heavy toll. The average HOA fee can be up to $300 per month in Georgia. For such a big price, neighbors expect HOA property management companies to be active and supportive parts of their communities.

Signs of poor HOA management services include community members feeling unheard. Red flags can also be seen in shoddy repairs, or HOA managers neglecting their due diligence.

Nobody should tolerate a poor HOA management company. Keep reading below to learn how to tell if an HOA management company isn't working out.

HOA Property Management Companies Should Do Their Due Diligence

One of the most important parts of any HOA property management company is staying accountable. If a neighbor reports a problem, it needs to be investigated thoroughly. For example, HOA management companies should respond if a community amenity needs repairs.

They should find a reliable and trustworthy contractor for the repairs. The repairs should also address what caused the problem in the first place. If neighbors reported a leak at the community's pool, the cause of the leak should be fixed along with whatever damage it caused.

The same goes for issues involving neighbor disputes or complaints about the company itself. Poor HOA property management companies simply don't respond when there's a problem. By refusing to respond, problems only get worse with time.

HOA Management Services Should be Proactive

Another sign of a poor HOA management company is a lack of initiative. When the company starts working in a neighborhood, it should immediately notify the community. They should also provide ways for people to connect with the company.

An HOA management company that lacks a social media presence is a bad sign. Many people use Facebook or Instagram to connect with their communities. Companies should also make sure neighbors know how to reach them if they're needed - such as through email or phone.

HOA Rules Are a Community Decision

The biggest red flags from HOA managers are arbitrary rules. Bylaws and expectations for neighbors should be decided by the community. Everyone should feel like they have a voice when making the rules. If people are complaining about the rules, it's a sign that something isn't working.

HOA management companies should make an effort to collect input from the community. No matter how small the decision, everyone in the community should be able to share their thoughts. If people can't contact the company, they will feel ignored.

If neighbors feel ignored then they won't try to help the HOA management company. The neighborhood as a whole could be harmed as people neglect their duties or fail to report problems. The HOA property management company needs to cultivate a community for it to succeed.

Problems With HOA Management Companies Shouldn't Last

Anyone who has problems with HOA management companies should take steps to fix them. Sometimes, that means going with another company better suited to uplift their community. The best HOA property management companies are connected to their communities.

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