6 HOA Benefits You Really Need to Know

6 HOA Benefits You Really Need to Know

Would you believe that 89% of people who live in HOA properties rate their experience as very good?

Are you and your family looking for a home? You may be trying to decide if you should buy a home in a neighborhood where you'll become an HOA member. A statistic like that may give you some direction in your search.

Some homeowners think that the rules of an HOA are a definite drawback while others find them to be one of the advantages. Keep reading to learn about several HOA benefits that go into the "Pro" column.

1. Social Events

If you like to socialize, living in an HOA community might be for you. HOAs often have planned events like bands or holiday gatherings in the park square.

Many of these neighborhoods have community pools and tennis courts. Some have walking trails. These amenities give you an opportunity to socialize with members of the community.

2. Increased Property Values

The HOA ensures that homeowners maintain their properties. They also stay on top of homeowners to adhere to the community rules.

When the whole neighborhood is well-maintained, homes are more desirable to potential buyers. Your investment in your home will pay off in the long run.

3. Access to Community Amenities

Not all, but many HOA communities boast a wide variety of amenities. These include clubhouses, pools, fitness centers, pickleball courts, children's play areas, and tennis courts, to name a few.

Amenities like this help build a strong sense of community and are great for keeping kids occupied and engaged with peers.

4. Utilities

Some HOAs include utility costs and roll them into your association fees. This perk will help you manage utilities. These often include water and sewer, cable, gas, trash, and recycling when they become part of your monthly dues.

5. Conflict Resolution

Have you ever had a dispute with your neighbor? You might have a cold war brewing over a barking dog or an overgrown yard.

If you don't like confrontation, things can build up and lead to an unpleasant living arrangement.

If you have the backing of an HOA, you can count on the board to intervene and resolve the issue. The board will follow the guidelines stated in the governing documents to remedy the situation.

This will cut the need to involve a lawyer or get your local authorities involved.

6. Landscaping

How much time do you spend on your landscaping trying to boost your home's curb appeal? If you live in an HOA community, your monthly association dues may cover your landscaping costs.

In that case, the HOA will hire a professional landscaping company to take care of the yards of the homes in the neighborhood.

HOA Benefits

What are the HOA benefits that you think draw house hunters to HOA communities? There's no denying that you'll reap the benefits of an HOA if you choose to buy a home in one of these communities.

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